Transportation in Kyoto

Japan boasts of an extensive network of transportation system. The system is very complex yet seems to never fail.

All the cities, ports and even the countryside are linked to each other by innumerable vein-like transportation mediums such as bus, train and flight. Kyoto is well linked to all parts of Japan. Transportation in Kyoto is in fact so developed that travelers move about the city at ease.

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Kyoto. Some of the major ones are the Imperial Park, Byodoin Garden, The Philosopher's Park and Kyoto Studio Park. These tourist places are rarely located inside the city. They are mostly distributed outside the periphery of Kyoto. The system of transportation in Kyoto thus plays a major role.

Kyoto has a well-developed bus network that ferries passengers from anywhere within the city to major tourist locations. Most of the bus service is however available from the Kyoto station and the city center around Shijo-dori (4th Avenue). The green-colored Kyoto City Buses run widely within the city and are a great way to visit the places of interest inside the city perimeter. The red-colored buses by Kyoto Bus, on the other hand, are a great way to venture outside the city limits.

Subway rail system of Kyoto is the best option for any traveler wishing to avoid congestion on the crowded streets of Kyoto. The Karasuma line covers the southern and the northern sections of the city. Tozai line, on the other hand, runs from the east to west of Kyoto.

Taxis are another major part of transportation in Kyoto and are a great way to explore the city. The city in fact has the highest saturation of taxis. At first thought, taxis may seem more expensive, but for a group of 3-4 travelers, a taxi is more economical.

Local trains are also a major support to the system of transportation in Kyoto, as it offers visitors an opportunity to view some of the city's favorite tourist places. Keifuku Railways, for instance, operates two train lines in northwestern Kyoto. Ryoan-ji and Kinkaku-ji can be reached easily on the tram-like trains that run through the line.

Opened in 1994, Kansai International Airport is the closest airport for a foreigner visiting Kyoto. The Kansai Airport Station is just opposite to the arrival lounge and is located on the second floor. The JR West Haruka Limited Express departs from the station and the distance between the airport station and Kyoto is covered in just a little more than an hour.

The airport also provides bus service to Kyoto. Airport Limousine buses depart for Kyoto at regular intervals throughout the day.
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