Kyoto Taxi Service

Taxis are a good way to explore Kyoto. This city, in fact, has the highest concentration of taxis.

Its advantage over other forms of public transport system lies in the fact that a taxi can go right to the entrance gate of any tourist venue. The other means of transport like the bus, subway and local rail can only get a traveler at the nearest location along the route. The taxi fare varies. However up to 2km distance, the fare is approximately 640 yen. Beyond 2 km, the fare increases by 90 Yen for per 200 meter. The fare is no doubt high for an individual riding in a taxi; the expense however becomes almost the same when a group of travelers occupy a taxi. If a taxi has red light indicator on, it means the taxi is unoccupied. To board a taxi, just wave your hand and on boarding it, show the driver a map to indicate your destination.

There are many private taxi operators in Kyoto. However, tourists often face the language problem when it comes to communicate with the driver. There are a few private taxi service companies that provide English-speaking guides to the foreign visitors. Doi Taxi is one such service provider.
Carrying passengers to and fro Kansai international Airport to Kyoto is a big business for taxi operators. Journeying by taxi is no doubt comfortable and time efficient but it is very expensive. The journey from airport to Kyoto city would cost you around 32000 Yen. Some of the major taxi service provider companies are Jet Partner, Jet Harmony, Sky Gate Shuttle and Limousine Liner.

The cheap alternative to this is the shuttle taxis, run by these taxi companies. The fare is much lower than that of your very own private taxi. The fare from the airport to Kyoto is approximately 3000 Yen. The major shuttle taxi providers are MK Taxi, Yasaka Taxi to name just a few. These shuttle taxi service providers will pick you up or drop you right at your hotel’s doorstep. Generally the taxis carry a maximum of 5-6 people excluding the driver. Generally smoking is prohibited in the car and some taxis even forbid passengers to use their cell phones inside. One large sized suitcase per person is generally free of charge but from the second luggage onwards 1000 yen per bag is charged. However the rate is different for different shuttle taxi service providers.

Taxi fare can be paid either in cash or international credit cards can also be used. You should however keep one thing in mind-since the taxi driver has to deliver all the passengers at their destinations; so the service is a bit time consuming.
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