Kyoto Subway

With a moderate population of 1.5 million inhabitants, Kyoto was the erstwhile capital of Japan. The city has one of the most well developed public transportation systems in the world.

 The system makes it very convenient for the Kyoto residents as well as for the tourists to get around the city. Flocked by tourists at all times, this former Japanese capital city however overflows with crowd during the spring and New Year festivities. Though it puts tremendous pressure on the transportation system of Kyoto, the system runs without any complication. The best way to beat the congested streets however is by availing the Kyoto subway. It covers almost the entire stretch of Kyoto and is one of the best ways to explore this great city.

Operated by Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Kyoto subway has two underground lines. The Karasuma Line covers the 13.7 km stretch from north to the south part of Kyoto. There are 15 stations that are served by this line. This is, in fact, the most traveled line as business districts as well as some of the famous sightseeing spots are located in proximity of the stations. The Tozai Line however is 12.7 km long and covers the west-east section of Kyoto. Kyoto subway network uses 1435 mm gauge and 6 car trains. The trains run at a maximum speed of around 90 km per hour. Besides these two subway lines, there is another line called Keihan Line that joins north part of the city with the south. Trains running through the Hankyu Kyoto Line get travelers to downtown Kyoto.

Automatic ticket machines are placed at many places inside the Kyoto subway stations. The fare chart is also displayed near the machines. The travelers, befMoreover, tickets must make sure the correct destination station number from the fare chart.

Hours of operation for Kyoto subway network are from 5:30 in the morning to 11:30 at night. The one-way fare, depending on the distance, varies between 200 Yen and 320 Yen. The tourists however can buy the one day pass for 1200 Yen (for adults) and 600 Yen (for children). The pass provides them with unlimited number of rides on the subway lines. The two days unlimited subway access pass however costs 2000 yen for adults and 1000 Yen for children.
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