Kyoto Bus Service

Throughout the year, tourists flock to the seventh largest Japanese city of Kyoto to enjoy its scenic beauty and numerous tourist attractions.

The city becomes extremely crowded during the springtime and on the eve of New Year. There may be problems in hotel accommodation but the city’s transport system runs smoothly without any hitch. Kyoto bus service particularly functions properly and is a great help to the visitors.

Kyoto bus service network is very developed. Traveling by bus is a very convenient and economical way to explore the cultural and architectural heritage in and around Kyoto. There are several bus service provider companies in Kyoto. The cutthroat competition among these companies often benefits tourists as huge discounts on bus fares are offered. The green-colored Kyoto city buses are abundantly available for sightseeing within the city boundary. Kyoto buses (red-colored) however take the tourists outside the city limits and are a great way to explore the parks, gardens and Buddhist shrines located at a distance from the main city.

Kyoto city buses however, during weekends and festival times (like the New Year, spring season), get very crowded and take a lot of time to reach the tourist destinations. The tourist offices in Kyoto distribute route maps for the Kyoto city buses. Though these maps clearly point out the tourist hotspots and the nearest bus stop is written in English, getting off the crowded buses can be a bit difficult. The entrance to the bus is through the back door and the passengers have to get off through the front door. A uniform fare of 200 yens is maintained almost throughout the Kyoto bus service local network. The fare is to be paid while leaving the bus.

Bus number 100 or 206, for example, takes approximately 20 minutes to reach Maruyama Park, a favorite tourist destination.

The travelers can take advantage of Kyoto City Bus “One Day Card”. This card provides a traveler unlimited access on city buses to any place in the city. The validity is for one day only and it costs about 500 yen.

Kyoto can be reached by bus from Kyoto Station as well as from the Kansai International Airport. There are many bus companies vying for the visitors’ Yen. Some of them are Airport Limousine Bus, JR Bus Kanto, Keisei Bus, Odakyu Bus and Tokyu Bus. Though the bus fare is slightly higher than that of the local bus companies, the buses are very comfortable and run quite fast. Kyoto bus service is indeed a convenient way to get in and around Kyoto.
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