Karasuma Line

The Karasuma Line is one of the two lines of the Kyoto Municipal Subway operated by Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau in Kyoto, Japan.

On maps, diagrams and signboards, the line is colored green, and its stations are given numbers following the letter K. It serves the following wards of Kyoto: Sakyō-ku, Kita-ku, Kamigyō-ku, Nakagyō-ku, Shimogyō-ku, Minami-ku, and Fushimi-ku. It connects Kokusaikaikan in Sakyo-ku and Takeda in Minami-ku.

Between Kitaōji and Jūjō, trains run beneath the north-south Karasuma Street, hence the name. They link to the other subway line, the Tozai Line, at Karasuma Oike. They also connect to the JR lines at Kyoto Station and the Hankyu Kyoto Line running beneath Shijō Street at the intersection of Shijō Karasuma, Kyoto's central business district. At Shijō Karasuma, the subway station is named Shijō, whereas Hankyu's station is called Karasuma.

The Transportation Bureau and Kintetsu Corporation jointly operate through services, which continue to the Kintetsu Kyoto Line to Kintetsu Nara Station in Nara. The Karasuma Line and the Kintetsu Kyoto Line connect at Kyoto and Takeda.


    * The section between Kitaōji and Kyoto was completed on May 29, 1981.
    * The line was extended from Kyoto to Takeda on June 11, 1988.
    * Through services from Kitaōji to Shin-Tanabe on the Kintetsu Kyoto Line started on August 28, 1988.
    * The line was extended from Kitaōji to Kitayama on October 24, 1990.
    * Oike Station was renamed Karasuma Oike Station on May 22, 1997, prior to the inauguration of the Tōzai Line running beneath the east-west Oike Street .
    * The line was extended from Kitayama to Kokusaikaikan on June 3, 1997.
    * Express services from Kokusaikaikan to Kintetsu Nara in Nara started on March 15, 2000.
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