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Kyoto Taxi Service

Taxis are a good way to explore Kyoto. This city, in fact, has the highest concentration of taxis.

Kyoto Subway

With a moderate population of 1.5 million inhabitants, Kyoto was the erstwhile capital of Japan. The city has one of the most well developed public transportation systems in the ...

Kyoto Bus Service

Throughout the year, tourists flock to the seventh largest Japanese city of Kyoto to enjoy its scenic beauty and numerous tourist attractions.

Transportation in Kyoto

Japan boasts of an extensive network of transportation system. The system is very complex yet seems to never fail.

Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau

Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau is an agency of the city government of Kyoto, Japan that operates municipal subways and city buses within the city. Previously, it also operated trams and trolley ...

Osaka International Airport

Osaka International Airport or Osaka-Itami International Airport is the primary domestic airport for the Kansai region of Japan, including the major cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. It is classified as a ...

Kansai International Airport

Kansai International Airport  is an international airport located on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay, 38 km (24 mi) southwest of Ōsaka Station, off the shore of the cities of Sennan ...

Tozai Line

The Tozai Line is a Kyoto Municipal Subway line which runs from the southeastern area of the city (starting from Rokujizo Station), then east to west (i.e. tōzai in Japanese) through the Kyoto downtown ...

Karasuma Line

The Karasuma Line is one of the two lines of the Kyoto Municipal Subway operated by Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau in Kyoto, Japan.

Kyōto Station

Kyōto Station  is the most important transportation hub in Kyoto, Japan.
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