Yamato Mingei-Ten

Yamato Mingei-Ten in Kyoto is one of the popular destinations for shopping in Japan. It’s located on Kawaramachi Dori in Kyoto.

It’s situated to the north of the popular Maruzen bookstore, making it more convenient to stop by. The store of Kyoto’s Yamato Mingei-Ten was opened way back in 1946. For over five decades, it has given an ultimate shopping experience to the residents of Kyoto, to the Japanese at large and to thousands of tourists who have visited Kyoto.

Yamato Mingei-Ten of Kyoto has been specializing in the trade of exquisite Japanese craft. Tourists willing to purchase traditional crafts and handicrafts of Japan must visit the Yamato Mingei-Ten store for the best items available. There are plenty of items to choose from. Check out the specialty, which is a vast collection of rich folk art and folk crafts, selectively brought to the store from different parts of the country. The manager of Yamato Mingei-Ten, Mr. Kenji Fuzino arranges for over 20 trips in a year to add more treasures to the collection. You can also look for the varieties of lacquerware, ceramic items, delicate Japanese paper products, glasswarefrom Okinawa, textiles, beautiful baskets and much more. Wonderful hand-crafted items, crafted by master creators and local artisans are worth a buy.

Yamato Mingei-Ten Kyoto starts its operations on 11 o’ clock in the morning and winds up at 8 o’ clock in the evening. The store remains open for customers for six days in a week, i.e. from Wednesday to Monday. Tuesday is a holiday. Payments through Amex, Visa, Master, JCB, Nicos, and UC etc. are accepted in Yamato Mingei-Ten.

You can avail the bus services of Kyoto to get to Yamato Mingei-Ten. Take buses like 5, 17, or 205 to Shijo Kawaramachi and enjoy a wonderful shopping experience.
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