Porta Kyoto

Porta is the largest underground shopping mall in Kyoto. This is located in the basement of JR Kyoto Station.

To be more exact, it’s just beneath the front central entrance / exit. The sprawling ulterior arcade hosts 200-plus shops, boutiques and restaurants. The underground shopping center of Porta deviates from the northern side of Kyoto Station, which is known as Karasuma. You will find numerous boutiques where clothing, fancy dresses, shoes and even stationery items are on sale. Stroll through the Porta shopping plaza and do a bit of window shopping. That will help you to gather a feel of the products available in the mall.

Make sure to visit the fashion zone of Porta. Take a look at the latest trends in Japanese fashion. Dress materials and fashion accessories are the sections to look into. Get selected ranges of formal, elegant or casual wears for any age group. Shop here for interesting clothing and accessories. Pamper yourself in the salons offering manicures, pedicures and other much needed relaxations.

Kyoto’s Porta offers the tourists and visitors with a lot of options to choose from. The departmental stores, craft shops and boutiques will provide you huge collection of materials. It’s the ideal place to find unique crafts, gifts which include Kyo pottery, Yuzen-dyed fabrics, Nishijin textiles, fans, umbrellas, dolls, cutlery, gold-leaf work, paper lanterns, combscloisonné, Noh masks and lacquerwares and Japan’s special sweets and tea.

Blame it on the shops and their stocks if you are literally spoilt for choice. Look around and you can lay your hands over some wonderful antique piece or a mind-blowing souvenir.
By the end of the day you may discover that you are loaded with plump carry bags on both of your hands. At that point of time, it’s better to have something to eat. Choose from over 30 restaurants offering huge variety of traditional Japanese cuisines and Western delicacies that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Porta Kyoto is undoubtedly an one-stop destination for shopping.
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