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Nishiki koji Market Kyoto

 Nishiki-koji Market of Kyoto is one of the favorite shopping destinations in Kyoto.

The Nishiki-koji Market is located to the north of the Shijo-dori Street in Kyoto. Kyoto’s Nishiki-koji Market runs all the way from Shinkyogoku-dori of Nishiki Tenman Shrine to Takakura-dori, which is close to the Daimaru Departmental Store. Since the Heian period, Nishiki-koji was a well-known public market.

The market had to go through rough times during the dreadful war in the 1500 AD. History stands witness to the fact that the large city of Kyoto was completely in ruins. But as soon as the warfare was over, the market was soon re-established by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Nishiki-koji Market is well reputed as `the kitchen of Kyoto’. This is evident when you take a walk down the stone-built pavements. Hundreds of vendors give their stalls in this market street to sell anything and everything; from vegetables, fresh fish and boiled fish paste, dry goods, vegetable pickles and sweets. Usually, the market remains closed on Wednesdays. But for the fishmongers, the holiday is on Sundays. This is just like a downtown market. As you stroll down the street, you can listen to the traders shouting to woo customers for their products to be sold. The sellers are very friendly with the customers and treat them with utmost care. The foods on display are quite tempting. Taste the special Japanese delicacies and taking in the aromas and atmosphere is interesting.

Another interesting characteristics of Kyoto’s Nishiki-koji Market is that it is covered. So you don’t have to worry about the weather or rainfall. So, spending a few hours in the Nishiki-koji Market Kyoto is a pleasant experience altogether.
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