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International Chai Hane & Bar Silk Road Kyoto

The International Chai Hane & Bar Silk Road in Kyoto is located on the second floor of the Saito Building.

The building is 15 m to the south of Shijo. International Chai Hane & Bar Silk Road is an exotic place to enjoy your drinks after a tough day at the office or a hectic week in your workplace. Tourists and visitors also visit the pub to quench a bit of thirst. Just walk a little downtown and rediscover yourself in the lively and energetic atmosphere of this bar.

International Chai Hane & Bar Silk Road opens at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon. Take your friends and dear ones, order your drinks and sink in the comfort as your listen to the sounds of music from some corner of the Silk Road. The prices are quite reasonable. Order a sweet Persian chai (Persian tea) or a Turkish coffee for 300 Japanese yens. Get a chilled beer for about 600 yens. If you feel like going for the stronger drinks, you can go for a jug of wine, which costs about 800yens or some groovy cocktails for around 600yens.

Want to taste some delicacies as well? Then you must go for the sizzling chicken kebabs that come for a price of 650 yens. Same is the price of a light meal. Check out the different varieties of foods that come for about 500 Japanese bucks. You can sit here and relax until International Chai Hane & Bar winds up its operations for the day at 11 in the night. But please keep in mind that credit cards are not accepted in Kyoto’s International Chai Hane & Bar Silk Road.
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