Daikokuya Restaurant Kyoto

At this fine noodle shop you can enjoy the flavor of homemade soba, and the distinctly rich aroma of buckwheat for the soba, ground in-house on an antique stone mill, powered by a wooden water wheel.

 You can choose a soba dish or domburi, a bowl of rice with your choice of toppings. The oyako domburi, rice with egg and chicken # oyako means "parent and child" # is the best choice.

Their fresh noodles served with tempura hot from the wok are unbelievable. Fresh noodles are also served with exceedingly delicate, light, and crunchy tempura. Traditional Japanese ramen, famous for their pork-base soup is also available. Both tatami and table-and-chair seating arrangements are available. Look for the large red lantern and water mill. You can recognize Daikokuya by the big red lantern outside the door. Reservations not accepted. Conveniently located in the downtown shopping area and if you're shopping and want a quick meal, stop in you can stop in here.

Credit cards like AMEX, VISA, DINERS, MASTER, JCB, DC, UC, J-Debit, etc are accepted. Reservations are not required.

As for establishment 1916, the signboard of the big “raw buckwheat noodle” was fried, the Daikokuya walking started. The simple sheath which is you being lost, because the sincerity for naturally is not forgotten With Daikokuya the hydraulic turbine continues to turn also today. The kiyouno greens are begun, at attachment to those which can be taken “area”. Everything is prejudice because it is honest in the Daikokuya taste which is handed down. Simply, it does not change purely, it is tasty, and we would like to be honest. Please enjoy such a Daikokuya taste, by all means slowly.

There is another sibling restaurant in Tokyo. This simple tempura restaurant has been popular with the locals since 1887, and though it does not offer the most refined tempura, it has atmosphere, and its huge portions are legendary. It specializes in Edo-style tempura and tendon (tempura on a bowl of rice, usually ebi, or prawn), prepared with sesame oil. Although there's no English-language menu, there are photos of many of the dishes. An annex around the corner (next to Shigetsu Ryokan) handles the overflow crowd (and is open when the main shop is closed); a map at the door shows the way.

Fast facts:

ADDRESS: 281 Minamikurumaya-cho, Kiyamachi Takoyakushi Nishi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8022
PHONE: 075-221-2818
TIMING: 11:30~21:00
Closed on Tuesday
Homepage URL http://www.gojoryoin.gr.jp/daikokuya/
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