Bars and Pubs in Kyoto

Kyoto is not only a city that is renowned for its historical and cultural heritage, but it is also known for its unlimited entertainment options.

Things to do in the city are countless and one of the major sources of entertainment in the city is the bars and pubs in Kyoto. The bars and pubs in the city are world class and contribute significantly to the Kyoto's nightlife. Most of the bars and pubs in the city are located in the entertainment district of the city; which used to be associated with the community of the geisha. Presently the district boasts of Pontocho in the Gion district, Kiyamachi and Kawaramachi and all these places are interspersed with the major bars and pubs of Kyoto. Some of the popular bars and pubs in Kyoto are Sake Bar Yoramu, The Hill of Tara and A Bar.

Situated on the southern side of Nijo-dori, Sake Bar Yoramu is one of the popular bars of Kyoto. The bar offers a wide array of alcoholic beverages, but then the specialty of the bar is the Japanese "rice wine". The food menu of the bar is diverse and besides the Japanese delicacies, you can also avail other dishes pertaining to continental cuisine. The ambience of the bar is cozy and relaxing and is ideal to chat with your friends or to host your private party. This one of the best bars of the city and you can enjoy here Japan's finest sake.

The Hill of Tara is one of the premier bars of the city of Kyoto, which is located on the northern side of Oike. The bar features an intimate and cozy Irish ambience, which is ideal to meet with your friends or to relax on your own, while sipping your favorite drink. You can enjoy here authentic Irish cuisine coordinated by Ivan Whelan at reasonable price. In a similar manner you can also avail here Irish ales on tap and Irish whiskies. The ambience of the bar is further enhanced by the Irish music; infact the bar often hosts live Irish musical shows.

A Bar is one of the upscale bars of the city and it is situated on the western side of the Takasegawa Stream. It is a relaxing izakaya or Japanese-style restaurant/bar, which is renowned for its vibrant and lively atmosphere. It is the perfect venue to hang out with your friends, party and have loads of fun. The bar boasts of a casual log-house interior and is the ideal place for you, if you are looking for cheap dining options. The foods and beverages are diverse and here you can avail dishes of both Japanese and continental cuisine. Some of the beverages that you can avail in the bar are beer, sake, cocktails and soft drinks.
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