Bar Fakers Kyoto

Bar Fakers in Kyoto is one of the popular pubs in Kyoto.

Kyoto has a diverse and exciting nightlife and you will come across numerous youngsters flocking to the innumerable bars and pubs in Kyoto, looking to have a great time. It is conveniently located above the Anchovie Cafe near Mototanaka Station.

Most of the bars and pubs in the city are located in the historic entertainment district of Kyoto, which in the past used to house the geisha community. Presently the district boasts of Pontocho in the Gion district, Kiyamachi and Kawaramachi and all these places are interspersed with the major bars and pubs of Kyoto.

Bar Fakers is a cool loft bar. Drinks are cheaper than compared to the other spots on this side of the town. The barmen don’t skimp on the shots. The crowd here mostly comprises of youngsters looking to have a good time. However, middle aged people, mainly sober professionals can also been seen having a great time. Beer and vodka based cocktails seem to be the popular choice with the regulars. The interiors are very dark and present a moody atmosphere. Bar stools line up the counter and there are sofas and chairs where you could sit back and relax.

The kind of music you could enjoy at the Bar Fakers in Kyoto includes a mix of techno and a variety of ambient sounds. This is one of the many nightspots in the city which is small and is not so much laid back. It is a better place for food. Regulars here maintain that it is much easier to find a place and relax at the end of a long day at work.

Fast facts:

Day Off: No off day
Timings: 6PM till late on all days
Nearest stations: Mototanaka Station
Music Style: Rock and Roll, Techno
Best Day to Go: The best day to visit is certainly the weekends. The club is open till the wee hours of the morning and you can party as much as you want. Also do not miss out on the special parties and events that are organized. Keep an eye on the local listings for more information.
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