Anchovie Cafe Kyoto

Anchovie Café, Kyoto is one of the favorite bars where tourists and locals like to hang out.

The pubs and bars of the city are situated in the historic Kyoto district. In the earlier times, the district of Kyoto used to be the premier entertainment hub. It was home to the geisha community. Presently the district boasts of Pontocho in the Gion district, Kiyamachi and Kawaramachi and all these places are interspersed with the major bars and pubs of Kyoto.

The Anchovie Café in Kyoto is located in Okubo-cho at Tanaka Sakyo-ku in Kyoto. To be more precise, Kyoto’s Anchovie Café is situated below the well known Bar Fakers. The place is just to the north of Mototanaka Station on Higashioji Street. This is a place where you can relax and have a nice time. The artistically designed café is always bubbling with energy. Tourists can enjoy delicious pasta and pizzas at a very reasonable price. There are no admission charges to get an entry into the café. Anchovie Café in Kyoto is a place to take your family members, friends or colleagues for having a nice time together. But remember the fact that the café authority does not accept credit cards.

Take a look at some of the other aspects of Anchovie Café which might come in handy, not only for tourists from foreign countries, but for the Japanese as well. Anchovie is a wonderful place to enjoy your drinks after a tough day at the office or a hectic week in your workplace. One can always visit the café to quench a bit of thirst.

Fast Facts about Anchovie Café, Kyoto:

Admission charge: Nil
Neighbourhood: Sakyo-ku
Average cost: 2000 Japanese yen
Category: European
Cuisine: Italian type delicacies (pizzas, pastas)
Booking: Booking is not advisable
Credit Cards: Not accepted
Home delivery: No
Special facilities for the differently-abled: No
Takeaway available: No
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