Kyoto Hospitals

The city of Kyoto provides advanced medical treatments, modern medical facilities and well-qualified eminent doctors. AsiaRooms provide information on some major and minor hospitals in Kyoto.

The Kyoto University Hospital is one of the most prominent hospitals in the city providing proper diagnosis followed by effective treatments and medicines. This hospital provides modern cancer and tumor treatments. Records show that it has performed successful liver transplantation and regeneration of blood vessel by using human embryo stem cells. The various medical departments include general medicine, internal medicine, ophthalmology, surgery, neurosurgery, dermatology, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, pediatrics, radiology, urology, cardiovascular surgery, psychiatry, physical therapeutics, nutrition, gastroenterological endoscopy and more. Proper nursing and care are taken, and the well-being of the patients is the main concern of the hospital and its staff members. Many doctors are able to speak foreign languages too thereby enabling the patients to understand and communicate better.

Mizushima Kyoto Hospital is another significant hospital in the city. There are also certain hospitals specialized for AIDS treatment. Some of them are National Maizuru Hospital, Public Yamashiro Hospital, Kyoto Prefectural Yosanoumi Hospital, Public Nantan Hospital, Rakusei Nishi New Town Hospital, Kyoto Municipal Hospital and National Kyoto Hospital. The Social Insurance Kyoto Hospital provides treatments and facilities like internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, radiology, urology, anesthesiology, gynecology, otorhinolarynogology, dermatology and ophthalmology.

Kyoto Hospitals also states some rules and regulations while visiting any hospital in Kyoto. When you are visiting any hospital to consult a doctor, the first thing you have to do is to produce your national health insurance certificate at the reception and then fill an application form. After your check-up is over, you have to clear the payments to the cashier and only then you will be handed over your prescription at the medicine counter. You will be provided with a doctor’s card, which you will need in your next visit. Medicines are normally tablets, capsules and powders.

Kyoto Hospitals provides information about another notable hospital in the city of Kyoto - The Japan Baptist Hospital. This hospital carries out treatments in a unique way. Here the patients are treated as creations of God. Special and minute care is taken for the physical and spiritual well-being of the patients. This is what they call Whole Person Healing. Not only religious belief is involved in this, a detailed understanding of the human nature and the nature of diseases are also carried out with utmost dedication and warmth by the extremely professional doctors and efficient nurses. The contact address of these exclusive hospitals in Kyoto are as follows :

Japan Baptist Hospital

47 Yamanomoto-machi, Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku,Kyoto

Following are some other Kyoto Hospitals along with their contact details:

Kyoto Prefectural Medical University Hospital

465 Kajii-cho, Hirokuji Agaru, Kawaramachi-dori, Kamigyo-ku,Kyoto

Kyoto City Hospital

1-2 Higashi Takada-cho, Mibu, Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto

Kyoto First Red Cross Hospital

749 Honmachi 15-chome, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

Kyoto Second Red Cross Hospital

355-5 Haruobi-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
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