Kyoto Health Information

Kyoto Health Information offers authentic information about doctors, hospitals, clinics, medical stores, blood banks and other health related tips to be followed in Kyoto.

The city harbors many modern hospitals and clinics well-equipped with updated medical and technical appliances. The efficient doctors possess a sound knowledge and provide reliable advises. All the medical examinations and tests are carried out in a very scientific way. Some of the major hospitals are Kyoto First Red Cross Hospital, Kyoto City Hospital, Takeda Hospital and Kyoto Prefectural Medical University Hospital. Some hospitals execute AIDS test. Public Yamashiro Hospital, National Maizuru Hospital, Rakusei Nishi New Town Hospital and Public Nantan Hospital are to name a few of them. Ophthalmologists Prof. Dr. Shigeru Kinoshita, Dr. Kouhji Nishida, and Dr, N. Koizumi, Dr. Akira Shimatsu, Director of Clinical Research Institute Kyoto National Hospital, Dr. Kan Kondo and Dr. Aiko Kozawa of Japan Baptist Hospital and Dr. Seiji Nomiyama of Nomiyama Clinic, are few of the well-known doctors in Kyoto.

The university students are provided with annual health check-ups. Accordingly tips and advises are given to them to improve their health conditions. A free health certificate is given too. Regular medical treatments, first aid and medicines are offered to the students. Oriental medicine is quite popular in cases of acupuncture and finger-pressure therapy. Medical awareness and facts related to medicines and health are taught to the students of pharmacy department in Kyoto University and the Kyoto Pharmaceutical University. Research on genes and genomes is carried out in the Kanehisa Laboratory of Kyoto University Bioinformatics Center.

Kyoto Health Information states that the city houses many blood banks too to suffice people’s needs as and when required. Some of the major clinics in the city are the Central Clinic for Dental Emergencies, Kyoto City East Clinic for Emergency Illness, Kyoto City West Clinic for Emergency Illness, Kyoto West Clinic for Dental Emergency, Kyoto South Clinic for Emergency and Kyoto City Clinic for Emergency Illness.

People living in Japan for more than one year are required to enroll themselves in a medical insurance scheme. It can be of two types – Social Health Insurance and National Health Insurance. However, the latter is not applicable in certain cases like a person getting wounded due to any fight or misconduct, during child birth, deliberate termination of pregnancy and for cosmetic dentistry. Vaccinations are provided to prevent certain illness. Those who are above 40 years of age, some health examinations are offered to them like, tuberculosis examination, lung cancer examination, uterus cancer examination, stomach cancer examination, adult dentistry health consultation, women’s health examination and basic health examination.
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