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Kyoto Emergency Phone Numbers

Police: 110 (Toll-free)
Lost and Found: (03) 3814-4151
Fire: 119 (Toll-free)
Ambulance: 119 (Toll-free)
Marine Emergency: 118 (Toll-free)

General Information:

(03) 3501-0110 (Japanese/English)
(03) 3503-8484 (English & Other Foreign Languages)

Japan Help Line: 24-hour non-profit, nationwide emergency assistance service. 0570-000-911

Tourist Information Center:

Kyoto: (075) 371-5649 Kyoto International Community House
Tel: (075)752-3511
Open 9:00-21:00
Closed Monday

Center for Multicultural Information and Assistance Kyoto
Tel: (075)604-5625
Open 19:00-21:00 (Friday)

NTT Telephone Services (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone)
Operator 100
Directory Enquiries 104
Operator Collect Call 106
Automatic Collect Call 108
Phone Repair Services 113
Line Engaged Check 114
Moving & Relocating 116
Time 117
Weather 177
The Aids Hotline (24/7, multilingual, toll free) 0120 461 995
International Friends, Gay Support 03 5693 4569

Alcoholics Anonymous Japan (10am-6pm; Mon-Fri) 03 3590 5377Public telephones accept 10 yen and 100 yen coins and/or telephone cards. A local call (within Tokyo's central 23 Wards and some other metropolitan cities) costs 10 yen per minute. If you put in two 10-yen coins and speak for less than one minute, one of the coins will be returned to you. No change is given for partial use of a 100 yen coin. Prepaid telephone cards cost 1,000 yen from vending machines, kiosks at train stations, and convenience stores. Charges for inter-city calls vary according to the distance. Domestic calls are cheaper at night and on Saturday, Sunday & national holidays.
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