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Music Clubs & Theaters in Kyoto

Kyoto is a place where tradition marries modernity. Culture wise Kyoto is considered as the cultural capital of Japan.

This term is not an exaggeration. Some of the hallmarks of the Japanese culture like the world famous Kabuki theater, No theater, Geisha dances, and Ikebana originated in this city. Apart from these, potteries made locally, the much appreciated Japanese hand held fans are also unique to Kyoto. Music clubs and theatres in Kyoto are a great way to be entertained after a long day of sight seeing activities.

There are many music clubs and theaters in Kyoto. They dish out to the audience a perfect cuisine of Japanese culture. The city comes alive mainly at night with mind boggling performances by the artists. Theaters in Kyoto are preserver of the traditional art forms. No theater, for example, originated in the 14th century Japan. The actors wear masks on their faces and their performance may seem very monotonous. The performance is always accompanied by singing and traditional Japanese music instruments. One unique feature of No theater is that the performance stage is always located outside. The roof of the No theater is supported by four columns. Kyoto has only 2 No theaters left, they are: Kanze Kaikan No Theater and Takigi No.

Kabuki theater was born in Kyoto in 1603. Though less in vogue, this theatrical form nevertheless is held in high esteem. The stage is uniquely designed with a walkway extending directly to the audience and characters enter and exit through this pathway. Cinema owes much to this theatrical art form. The camera movement to establish a location or a character (known as establishing shot) borrowed the practice from the Kabuki theater. In this theatrical form, characters often pose in a unique way to establish their characters. Kaomise theater is famous for the kabuki shows. The tickets are priced between 4000 and 9000 Yen.

If you are however a music lover and at the same time eager to show your singing skill, do not hesitate to come to music clubs in Kyoto. Many music clubs provide people with opportunities to sing on the stage with professional musicians assisting them. Le Club Jazz in Kyoto is one such club. Located in the heart of downtown Kyoto this club is a favorite get away for the locals and tourists alike.
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