Entertainment in Kyoto

There is no dearth of sightseeing places in Kyoto. In fact it is next to impossible for a traveler to explore hundreds of Buddhist shrines, parks and gardens and temples distributed in and around this famous city.

If you are however tired of watching those, you can always opt for other forms of entertainment like: night clubs, bars, theatre, music clubs and the like. Though this city is very traditional, entertainment in Kyoto however is a mix of both traditional and modern forms. Kyoto is home to some of the unique traditional Japanese forms of entertainment such as: the Kabuki Theater, the geisha dance etc.

Entertainment in Kyoto consists of a wide variety of activities. The city in fact has something for everybody. On every last Saturday of each month; artists, musicians and poets gather in northwest Kyoto and perform live in front of the crowd. So if want to get a taste of Japanese contemporary arts and music, you should then head for northwest Kyoto.

If you are traveling with your kids, you can take them to the Kyoto Municipal Zoo. Opened in 1903, this zoo houses 800 animals from over 200 species. Surrounded by other places of interest such as: the National Museum of Modern Art and Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art; it looks like a city based zoological park. The zoo is sure to delight your kids.

Entertainment in Kyoto remains incomplete without Kabuki Theater. Kabuki Theater is believed to have born in Kyoto. Though the performances are nowadays rare, this genre of theater attracts both locals and the foreigners. If you are about to visit Kyoto sometimes during December then there is good news for you. Every year in December kabuki fest is held in the Minami-za Theater.

Kyoto has several theme or amusement parks. The Kyoto Studio Park is a theme park as well as a film set. Artificially constructed old and traditional Japanese buildings and streets are inside the park that serves as settings for historical movies and television dramas. The best thing about this theme park is however you can photograph yourself dressed in a samurai or a geisha costume. Another amusement park is Awaji World Park Onokoro, Kyoto. A visit to such parks forms an important part of finding entertainment in Kyoto.

If you want to let your hair down dancing to the remixes of world class DJs', Kyoto is just the place for you. Most of the night clubs have spacious dance floors and people of all generations jive to the tunes of loud music. Some clubs even have live bands playing to the packed house. Some of the famous night clubs in Kyoto include Metro, Live Spot Rag, Le Club Jazz, Mamma Zappa and Yoramu.

After a long day full of sight seeing activity, you can sip into some of the choicest liquors and other non-alcoholic beverages that dozens of bars and pubs in Kyoto offer. The most notable ones are: Tadg's Irish Pub, Sesamo and Mamma Zappa.
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