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How to Make Kyoto-style Shiromiso

Here is Kichisen’s recipe for Kyoto-style white miso.

Temperature: Usually miso is made in the winter so it doesn’t need refrigeration as it ferments. We started this in late May so it will have to ferment in the refrigerator over the summer.

Name: Kyoto white miso, called ‘saikyo’ (west capital) miso in Kyoto and ‘shiro’ (white) miso in the rest if the country, has a lower than usual salt content, so the temperature during the fermentation process is important.

Kichisen Shiromiso Ingredients

    * 1.2 kg soybeans (best quality, from Hokkaido)
    * kome-koji 2.5 kg (malted rice)
    * arajio salt 450 g (natural sea salt)
    * water 3.5 liters

Preparation Steps

    * Soak soybeans in cold water overnight.
    * Drain and rinse soybeans.
    * In a large pot bring 3.5 liters of water to boil, reduce heat and add soybeans. Simmer for about 1 hour.
    * Drain and allow to cool.
    * Mash, grind or puree the soybeans. (Kichisen uses a meat grinder with a fine hole plate attachment.)
    * Mix by hand the soybean puree with kome-koji thoroughly and then add salt while continuing to mix.
    * Add liquid. Use the cooled ‘soup’ leftover from simmering the soybeans to soften the mix. Ladle in this liquid little-by-little and mix by hand until evenly absorbed creating a soft paste. The ideal liquid content will make the paste ‘the softness of an earlobe.’
    * Vigorously knead paste and remove air bubbles.
    * Make into balls and place in non-reactive container. Flatten the balls of miso paste until you have filled the container.
    * Cover container and ferment at about 5 degrees C for 3 months.
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