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Viaventure Sponsors Mayan Trip to Tikal and Uaxactun Site With Camping

On this Viaventure trip, guests transfer to Uaxactun in Guatemala, one of the longest-occupied Maya sites and where the oldest complete Maya astronomical complex is found. It’s also where the Chicleros (gum collectors) have lived for over 100 years.

Many of Uaxactún’s residents nowadays make their living from gathering forest products such as chicle (exported to Japan), allspice and xate palm leaves (ornamental plant exported to the US and used for floral arrangements).

Guests will tour the site and the community and will learn more about the chicle process and the different crafts. The community has also a small interesting archaeology museum that will be visited. For sunset guests will go to the lookout tower for sunset drinks.

If they are lucky, the visitors will be able to see the ruins from Tikal rising above the jungle. After drinks they will head back to the campsite where they will have a simple local candlelit dinner at the camping site. The night is spent in tents in this impressive site in the middle of the jungle with its wonderful sounds.

The next morning after breakfast at the site, guests are transferred to Tikal National Park where they will receive a private guided tour of this fabulous site with huge temples rising up through the jungle canopy and a variety of tropical animals and birds on show. The sights and sounds of the howler and spider monkeys as well as many colorful tropical birds and other mammals are fascinating. At the end of the tour, guests are transferred to their hotel.
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