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Ultra-deluxe resorts keep the kids indulged

The half-dozen barefoot kids certainly are, as they stand with their legs wide (like a warrior) and arch their backs (like a tiger) in the huge shaded sandbox outside the historic villa that houses the One&Only Palmilla resort's colorfully decorated kids' club here in Los Cabos, at the tip of the Baja peninsula in Mexico.

"A lot of children come here and are already familiar with the yoga poses," observes spa director Kerensa Langitan. "What we are trying to teach them is that spa is not only about indulgence, it is renewal and total relaxation."

Junior yoga is just one piece of the extensive "wellness" program for kids Langitan developed at this ultra deluxe resort (rooms here can be more than $3,000 a night), which was once a Mexican family's private hacienda, complete with a chapel that's still used today.

There are junior spa treatments (a Wish Upon a Star facial for $40), an entire array of "family sanctuary" treatments in the spa's individual casitas, contests on eating healthy (get points for eating veggies and fruit!), aromatherapy (how do you feel when you smell peppermint?), reflexology complete with special kid-size socks that show you exactly where to apply pressure on toes and feet.

Kids love it — of course
"We love, love, love it here," says Crystal Lourd, a Los Angeles mom of three, who arrives in time to do a few yoga stretches with her crew. She's been here with her family at least a dozen times in the last eight years. "My kids beg to come here," she said.

If you are on a budget and can't spend $19 for a margarita or more than $100 for breakfast for your gang, you shouldn't be here. But if you can afford the freight, you'll love the resort, which sits on one of Cabo's few swimmable beaches, and its attention to detail — and to the kids — from the home-baked cookies and toys waiting for the kids in their room, the manicured gardens (some 49 gardeners on staff), the pillows for your feet, as well as your head on the beach lounge chairs, the beautiful Mexican tile work and most important, the always agreeable staff. I love that the kids' club and many of the kids' activities are complimentary — not often the case at upscale resorts.
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