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London is still one of the most expensive cities with more considerable price increases

Summer is upon us and the warm temperatures are ideal for sightseeing in many holiday destinations.

Excellent conditions in London and other international cities that have many tourist attractions on offer. hotel.info, the free online hotel reservation service with more than 210,000 hotels worldwide, demonstrates which cities offer cheaper accommodation and where travellers will pay more for their hotel stay. The results of the hotel.info Hotel Price Barometer for May 2011 are:

- London hotels showed considerable price increases during the state visit of Barack Obama
- New York most expensive on a global level and Moscow the most expensive in Europe.

When compared internationally Moscow is still extremely expensive. Even when the hotel room prices have fallen by 2.43% to 172.80 Euros in comparison with the same month last year the Russian capital is still in position number one amongst the Top 20 European capital cities.

Despite a fall of the average room rates of more than 25% Oslo comes a good second behind Moscow. About a year ago absolutely top prices had to be paid for an overnight stay. The main reason for this was the Eurovision Song Contest with its many international stars which took place in May last year in the Norwegian capital and which also had an effect on rates in Germany where the contest was held this year.

The state visit of the US President Barack Obama honoured the capital of the United Kingdom at the end of May. The hotels in London were able to really increase their prices in comparison with the same month last year. London, with an average rate of more than 156 Euros, is now in place 4 amongst the European capital cities with a marked increase of over 20% on the average rates booked. In spite of this the largest city in the United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations due to its cultural offering and its many sights.

Overnight guests have to pay much more in Kiev. Since May 2010 the room prices have risen by 36.36 %. Apart from many exhibitions and congresses the considerable price increases may be a taste of things to come during the European Football Championships in 2012. As an official host city the capital city of Ukraine can expect large numbers of international visitors.

When international major cities are taken into consideration the "Big Apple“, New York, is in first place. Shanghai brings up the rear amongst the international major cities selected with average rates of 82.88 Euros - not even half as expensive as New York or Zurich.
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