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Where to Shop in Kyoto

Kyoto is not as widespread as Tokyo and definitely not a place to look for top fashion accessories and fashion materials but Kyoto is probably the best place to shop for traditional items of Japanese arts and crafts.

Find different merchandises created to complement the arts of tea and cuisine during your search for where to shop in Kyoto. Walk through the organized shopping areas like the Antiques Street in the Gion district, Shinomonzen and the Nishiki food market. Visit Teramachi, which is a pedestrian street in the central area of the city. You can also take a trip to the shopping area around the junction of Shijo and Kawaramachi streets.

Shijo-dori is a 7-kilometer-long stretch from Yasaka-jinja Shrine. Shijo-dori is referred to as the main street of Kyoto. Shopping in Shijo-dori, Kyoto is quite an experience. You can get a lovely view of the Higashiyama hills, which lie in the background. It is suggested that you take some time to explore the shops on Shijo-dori, located between Karasuma Station and Yasaka Jinja, and at Kawara-machi-dori, which lies between Shijo-dori and Sanjo-dori. In fact, Kyoto's largest business district extends from north to south along this street. The major shops of Kyoto lie on either side of Shijo-dori. Shops are also located on the sides of Kawara-machi-Dori Street running north to south.

Take a trip to the Shijo-dori Street where you will find all the answers to where to shop in Kyoto. There are sprawling shopping arcades, great departmental stores, various specialty shops and small shops here. It is easy to walk around the arcades and shop comfortably, as all sorts of vehicles and cars are banned from these covered roads. You need not worry about the weather either. You can find these arcades in Kyogoku-dori and Shinkyogoku-dori between Sanjo-dori and Shijo-dori or in Teramachi-dori, which is located between Oike-dori and Shijo-dori. You will find just about anything and everything that fits within your budget
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