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Shinmonzen Dori

Shinmonzen Dori is one of the prominent shopping areas along with Furumonzen Dori in Kyoto. If you like antiques, woodblock prints and visiting art galleries, then Shinmonzen Dori, Kyoto is the place to visit.

Shinmonzen Dori is a simple little street that features a number of two-storey wooden buildings that are lined with telephone and electricity poles between Higashi-oji-dori and Hanamikoji-dori. Shinmonzen Dori lies to the north of Gion. What give the street a unique characteristic are the large credit card signs that jut out from the shops. There are no less than 17 shops at Shinmonzen Dori, Kyoto specializing in various scrolls, bronze, wood block prints and antiques.

One of the popular stores at Shinmonzen Dori in Kyoto is Kawasaki Fine Arts. The shop specializes in six panel folding screens separated by Kawasaki which are normally considered to be a bit expensive to own and costs about 300,000yen. Moderately priced pieces by unknown artists and smaller folding screens are also available here. Since the shop regularly does business with foreign collectors and dealers, description of all items are available in English. The shop has about 50 folding screens in stock, along with hanging scrolls, ukiyo-e prints and wares in ceramic, wood and lacquer that are all harmoniously displayed.

Ezoshi is another popular store on Shinmonzen Dori area that offers Japanese prints ranging from Edo-period ukiyo-e to Shin Hanga (new print) movement works. Japan in the 19th century combined a respect for individualism and renewed appreciation for traditional arts. These were the two elements that were reflected in Japanese print or the art of hanga. Hanga artists mastered their art by performing all steps together whereas ukiyo-e printmaking had been a division of labor. The shop at Shinmonzen Dori, Kyoto displays both forms of prints with their description and prices.
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