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Nishiki Market

At Nishiki Market there are many old ‘shinese‘ shops selling everything from Japanese pickles (tsukemono) to the finest Japanese cutlery, as well as a number newer and novel shops, such as tofu doughnuts.

Shinise come in the form of an old shop renovated and transformed into a vegetable and fruit boutique to an tiny egg specialty shop that is all of 4 feet wide.

Nishiki Market is often considered to be the place where the ‘nice’ people of Kyoto shop, but like places like Gion and Poncho-cho it is fully accessible to all now. Prices are a bit higher than the neighborhood super market but the difference in freshness, quality and taste is readily apparent.

I was over at Nishiki Market in search of dried fugu fin for this ‘home cooking’ post the other day and snapped some pictures to put up on KyotoFoodie. These photos were taken in mid-November so they show some of the seasonal delights of autumn.

Nishiki Market is about 6 blocks long and runs east-west, from Teramachi Street to Takakura Street. It is located one block north of Shijo Street (Shijo-dori). If it can be eaten, it can be found here.

Nishiki Market seems to be on the itinerary of both foodie and non-foodie types alike. A search on Flickr yields a nearly endless supply of photos of Nishiki Market, in all seasons.

As it is a covered arcade, if you are going to be in Kyoto for a few days, you might save this spot for a rainy morning or afternoon.
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