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Awaji World Park Onokoro Kyoto

Awaji World Park Onokoro Kyoto is one of the well known amusement parks in Kyoto.

This amusement park is situated to the western part of Osaka. Then park is unique in its own way. Take a tour of Awaji World Park to see the replicas of the world-famous monuments, buildings and historical sites. If you thought these replicas were just a miniature of the original, think again. They are too big to be missed. You can also check out the fabulous museum, the Ferris wheel and different other attractions. But it is spread over a huge landmass, so make sure that you have at least a whole day in hand to roam about in the park and enjoy it to its fullest.

Get up to the observation deck. Look down from there…and you’ll see the the Kitan Channel and Harimanada Sea lying below. One is sure to be mesmerized at the sight of vessels crossing the beautiful Akashi Channel. Discover the serene beauty of the Akashi and Suma at its very best, and once again, fall in love with Mother Nature.

Getting to the Awaji World Park isn’t much of a headache. You can avail the Kobe-bound train service near Hanshin Expressway. To reach the park, get to Awaji IC, which lies about ten kilometers south of Kobe-Awaji Nuruto Highway.

The costs of the tickets to enter the Awaji World Park are also quite reasonable. Adults have to pay 1200 Japanese yens. But the students and children are given tickets at a concession. Students of elementary schools have to pay 600 yens whereas for children the ticket comes at only 400 yens.

Kyoto’s Awaji World Park is open six days a week, i.e. from Thursday to Tuesday. It opens its gates for visitors at half past nine in the morning and closes down at 5.30 in the evening. Though, the timings get rescheduled from time to time.
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