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Kyoto Population

The country of Japan is home to 127,463,611 people. Its capital, Tokyo, is populated by 8.1 million inhabitants.

It main urban areas like Kobe, Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo and Yokohama account for a sizeable part of Japans population. The country is not known for its diversity of ethnic groups as 99% of the population is Japanese. Koreans, Chinese Brazilians and Filipinos account for the other 1%. The language spoken is primarily Japanese. The country’s population growth rate is alarmingly low at 0.02% especially compared to the world population growth rate of 1.14%

The archipelago of Japan is said to be the seat of very ancient civilization. It is also said that the islands of Japan saw its first human settlements as early as 10000 years ago. Documented history about the settlements in Kyoto show that it was first settled in the 7th century by the Korean clan Hata.

Kyoto grew in importance and power when the Japanese Imperial family started residing in the city. Earlier known as Heian-kyo (meaning capital of peace and tranquility) the city was one of earliest examples of urban planning. The people of Kyoto were known for their interest in culture and the arts. Traditions like Ikebana flower arrangements, Noh drama, the tea ceremony originated here.

Modern Kyoto is not just a place of culture and learning but also a major business city. The immense economic growth of Japan left its mark on Kyoto as well. The Kyoto city is known for its illustrious universities. Kyoto University brought Japan a long line of Nobel Prize winners. 10 % of its population comprises students.

The Kyoto Prefecture is home to about 2,646,842 people out of which the city of Kyoto houses 1,473,873 people. Tokyo is Japan’s most populated city followed by Yokohama (3.4 million), Osaka 2.5 million, Nagoya (2.1 million), Sapporo (1.8 million) and Kobe (1.5 million). Kyoto City ranks seventh in the list of the largest populated the cities of Japan.

Population of Cities and towns in Kyoto Prefecture.

- Kyoto City 1,473,873
- Hukuchiyama City 81,743
- Maizuru City 91,637
- Ayabe City 37,741
- Uji City 189,906
- Miyazu City 21,349
- Kameoka City 94,010
- Jyoyo City 81,472
- Muko City 55,108
- Nagaokakyo City 78,385
- Yawata City 74,179
- Kyotanabe City 64,141
- Kyotango City 62,522
- Nantan City 36,596
- Oyamazaki Town 15,189
- Kumiyama Town 16,625
- Ide Town 8,931
- Ujitawara Town 10,030
- Yamashiro Town 8,888
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